Have you heard the news? The TADDs have just been incorporated amongst the prestigious product lines of Ray Allen Manufacturing! US Customers, please visit Ray Allen to get your TADDs as we start to phase out our online shop over the next several months. This partnership will allow our customers to get FASTER order fulfillment and CHEAPER shipping ($5 flat rate shipping) while freeing us up to work on product development, such as the much anticipated:

  • TADDpoles,

  • High Hazards Explosive Powder Odor Delivery [Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)] Vial,

  • Sample Collection Kits (SaCKs) for Diabetes Alert Dogs,

  • and many other innovations to enable your detection training.


"Dogs have noses more sensitive than our most sophisticated laboratory instruments. Let's start treating them that way by upgrading their training aid containment" 

This online shop delivers to our United States customers only. If you would like to get your items delivered to another country, please submit a Quote Request or contact your Distributor.

Glass TADDs