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How to Use your TADD® Containment System

To use the TADD, remove the TOP WHITE CAP while ensuring that you are holding firmly onto the BLACK MEMBRANE HOLDER.











Top Cap and Membrane Holder Labelled

Once the CAP is removed and the MEMBRANE HOLDER GRID is visible,​ odor will be released from the TADD.














  • Fill TADDs® < 75% full

  • Store TADDs® upright

  • Visually inspect TADDs® before and after use to look for signs of damage or wear

We are still finding new ways to use the TADD® every day. And we're curious to get your feedback as well. Please let us know all of the ways you use the TADD®. We're interested in which types of training aid compatibility, durability, buried hides, liquid training aids, weather and temperature effects, and a whole lot more.

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