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1. When are the TADDs going to be available to purchase again?
Right now! We are fully stocked and have a new line of TADD accessories too!

2. How much will the TADDs cost?
All TADDs (regardless of size – Small, Medium, Large, or jar material – Glass, Plastic) are $40/TADD.

3. Are there volume discounts?
Yes, please contact us directly to discuss.

4. Do you ship internationally?
Yes. We've been getting email inquiries from around the world and we intend on getting you TADDs no matter where you live. Please be aware that there is a minimum order quantity of twelve (12) TADDs for international orders. Email us with your desired product SKUs, quantities, and shipping address to get a quote. 

5. What types of training aids can I put in a TADD?
Most training aids are compatible with the TADD. We have not found any compatibility issues with drugs, medical specimens, human remains, biological samples, and most explosives. We do not recommend using the TADD with peroxide explosives at this time.








6. I've spoken to you and you didn't recommend the Large size (8 oz.) TADD, why?

We made the Large (8 oz.) Glass TADDs available because our market survey revealed that some end-users were unable to divide their training aids into smaller portions and thus would require a larger jar. We typically do not recommend the 8 oz. (large) size TADDs for three reasons:

  1. They're fragile, unable to withstand a > 1 foot (~ 30 cm) drop test. 

  2. They're a bit clunky and more difficult to manipulate in operational scenarios/hides. 

  3. For the most part, the larger size is not often necessary as we know that surface area of the training aid is more critical to determining odor availability than mass. 

7. I just got my TADD. Now what do I need to know?
The TADDs are only meant to be loaded once.
 This is because once the TADD membrane holder (containing the odor permeable membrane and gasket) is screwed onto the jar, we cannot guarantee that those three pieces will all screw together seamlessly (at the same time and under the same torque) upon subsequent applications on and off the jar. 


8. What else comes with a package of TADDs?
We’ve included the tools to help get you started:

  • Set of large & extra-large nitrile gloves to handle/load the TADDs

  • Tweezer to remove the blue divider paper or press the gasket back into place

  • Loading and Cleaning Instructions

9. I saw you submerge the TADD in water to clean it and run it under tap water. Can I do that?
You can definitely do that. It just takes practice, so we usually only recommend that maneuver for organizations that have dedicated laboratories loading and cleaning their TADDs. That way, the water sources are usually pretty clean and invariable and the personnel know the correct amount of water pressure to use in order to not damage the TADD membrane.


10. What have you learned from user feedback?

Handler education is a huge component of the success experience with the TADD. The most frequent error encountered is when handlers open the TADD to use it in training and accidentally open the membrane holder instead of the cap. To avoid this, please emphasize the importance of only removing the WHITE CAP and holding the BLACK MEMBRANE HOLDER in place while performing this step. 

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