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How to clean your TADD® Containment System

In the field...

NOTE: video has no sound


There are 3 different cleaning protocols we recommend in order from least to most intensive:

Cleaning Protocol #1 (Least Intensive)

  1. Spray or wipe with deionized water

  2. Dry with disposable lint-free wipe


Cleaning Protocol #2 (Intermediate)

  1. Spray or wipe with 70% isopropanol

  2. Spray or wipe with deionized water

  3. Dry with disposable lint-free wipe


Cleaning Protocol #3 (Most Intensive)

  1. Spray or wipe with a 1% solution of Liquinox

  2. Spray or wipe with 70% isopropanol  x 2

  3. Spray or wipe with deionized water x 3

  4. Dry with disposable lint-free wipe



These are the cleaning solutions we use to clean our TADDs after a day of training:

Bottle 1 – Deionized Water


Bottle 2 – 70 % Isopropanol (IPA) Alcohol


Bottle 3 – 1% Liquinox Detergent

  1. Dilute the Liquinox Concentrate 1:100 with water to create the 1% Liquinox solution.

  2. To do this, add 4.5 mL (a heaping teaspoon) of the Liquinox Concentrate to the 16 oz. spray bottle

  3. Then, add 444 mL deionized water (approximately 15 oz.) to the spray bottle. 

  4. Cap the spray bottle and swirl gently to mix solution.

Liquinox (TM) Safety Data Sheet Download


  1. Source a high-quality dry wipe such as the one depicted here.

  2. Source your own distilled or deionized water (e.g., Amazon, Home Depot, or a Pharmacy).

  3. Add just enough water to saturate the wipes.

  4. Wipe away!


NOTE: Your wipes do not contain a preservative, so this bucket will probably not last for more

than a day or two. Make this wipe bucket fresh each time you need it.

*For use in simple cleaning and removal of dog secretions on sample hide locations.

*Use 70% IPA or ETOH wipes for more aggressive cleaning and in between dog sessions.



Link to Amazon List:

Spray Bottles for Cleaning Solutions

Pinnacle Mercantile Plastic Spray Bottles Leak Proof Technology Empty 16 oz Value Pack of 4

$12 for 4 bottles


Deionized (DI) Water for Cleaning

LabChem LC267505 Water Solution, Deionized, 20 L Volume

$50 for 20 L (~5 gallons)

70% Isopropyl Alcohol

Amazon Brand - Solimo 70% Isopropyl Alcohol First Aid Antiseptic for Treatment of Minor Cuts and Scrapes, 32 Fl Oz (Pack of 6)

$18 for 6 32oz. bottles

Liquinox Detergent Concentrate

Alconox 1232 Liquinox Anionic Critical Cleaning Liquid Detergent, 1 quart Bottle

$21 for a quart

KimWipe 11x11.PNG
Disposable Lint-Free Wipes

Kimtech 34743 Kimwipes Delicate Task Wipers, 3-Ply, 11 4/5 x 11 4/5, 119 per Box (Case of 15 Boxes)

$114 for a case of 15 boxes

Deionized Water Wipes

Thomas 2060 Deionized Water Premoistened Clean Sterile Wipe, 6" Length x 9" Width, 100 Wipes per Canister

$23 per canister of 100 wipes

HDPE Glove.jpg
HDPE Gloves - Least Odor Resistance

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Clean Ones 500 Count Disposable Poly Gloves, Pack of 2, 1000, Clear

$12 per case of 1,000 gloves

Vinyl Glove.jpg
Vinyl Gloves - Medium Odor Resistance

Disposable Vinyl Gloves - Powder Free, Clear, Latex Free and Allergy Free, Plastic, Work, Food Service, Cleaning, Wholesale Cheap, Size Extra Large (Case of 1000)

$27 per case of 1,000 gloves

Black Nitril Glove.jpg
Nitrile Gloves - More Odor Resistance

AMMEX Medical Black Nitrile Gloves - 4 mil, Latex Free, Powder Free, Textured, Disposable, Non-Sterile, Large, ABNPF46100, Case of 1000

$70 per case of 1,000 gloves

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