General Guidelines for Training, Certification, and
Documentation of Canine Detection Disciplines 

ANSI/ASB Standard 088, First Edition 2020 

This standard contains requirements for the development of training of canine handlers and canines and will also detail the canine team assessments and the basis for certification procedures including record keeping and document management. This standard does not cover discipline specific guidelines.


Crime Scene/Death Investigation – Dogs and Sensors Terms and Definitions

ASB Technical Report 025, First Edition 2017

This technical document provides the standardization of terms and definitions used in the detection dog community. The use of standardized terminology in the detection dog community promotes consistency across jurisdictions and relieves the judicial system of conflicting terms and definitions.


Canine Detection Guidance Notes




A suite of evidence-based guidance notes detailing good practices underpinning delivery of effective detection dog capability. A phenomenal resource for step-by-step detailed protocols on creating odor soaks, performing odor recognition tests, and dozens of other detection-related guides. 




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