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We braved another podcast!

This episode is a Two-for-One; the guys sit down with Michele and Jenna (both of the DOD). ‍♀️Jenna went through the MPC program years ago during her time with Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO), and has been involved with the DOD K9 programs for 15 years. Meanwhile, ‍♀️Michele was realizing the disconnect between handlers and scientists, and went through handler school to gain some much needed understanding, respect, language, and perspective. Now, the pair work together  to enhance Military Working Dog operations through dedicated research, development, testing, and evaluation. Take the time to listen to the guys and the gals discuss top secret stuff 🤫, the nerd herd , Tinder/PornHub , a bomb dog named Usher ‍🦺, and their work with Pat Noland (Tactical Directional Canine Systems) and Cindy Otto (UPENN Working Dog Center) on COVID-19 detection dogs 🦠. Yes, that’s a thing. Check it out!

HUGE thank you to Michele and Jenna for coming on Working Dog Radio!  Follow them at @SciK9.

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