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[PRESS RELEASE] SciK9 Expands into Australia & Asia Pacific via TactixK9

SciK9, LLC Expands Global Reach Through Distribution Agreement with TactixK9

The canine training aid delivery device (TADD) will now be available in Australia and throughout Asia Pacific.

Bear, Delaware, October 8, 2020: SciK9 has announced the expansion of their global distribution network of the canine training aid delivery device (TADD) through a partnership agreement with TactixK9.

TactixK9, carries a wide range of high-end canine products, including CrazyTuff K9 gear tactical harnesses and Precision Explosives odor print training aids. Mr. Wayne Ferrari, President of TactixK9, said "We are proud to add SciK9's TADDs to the growing offering of premium canine training products. There is no other scent detection product like the TADD and being able to get it in the hands of canine community here is very special."

Dr. Michele Maughan, Chief Scientific Officer of SciK9, agrees, "This partnership represents just how unique the TADD is and the enormous capability gap it fills. It is an honor to be able to bring our invention from the USA to Australia and beyond and know that we are enhancing canine scent detection around the world."

The distribution agreement is active and orders can be placed via TactixK9's website: While the entire SciK9 product line is not available at this time, TactixK9 plans to carry the entire line within the next year.

About SciK9

SciK9 was formed in 2020 with the goal of providing a safe training aid delivery device (TADD) to the canine community for reliable training and detection purposes. SciK9 aims to bring scientific solutions and tools to canine detection training and operations.

About TactixK9

Formed in 2018, Tactixk9 takes an agile concept of operations and integrates it with a global reach for training delivery. Tactixk9 boasts the ability to deliver training that is individually tailored to customer's needs and designed with operational paradigm as the primary consideration by using the most up to date specialized canine handling and training products.


Dr. Jorge Maciel,

Wayne Ferrari,

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