SciK9 is proud to introduce our first commercial product, the Training Aid Delivery Device!​ Created for the US Army and designed by canine trainers and scientists, the TADD can bring your canine training to the next level.

What is the TADD?
Most simply, it's a container that lets the odor of your training aid out, but not the training aid. But it's way way more than that... Read below to see what the TADD is capable of and how it is revolutionizing scent detection training.


Design considerations ensure that all components of the TADD are:

  • NASA Outgassing Compliant* to be extremely low odor, so the only scent you train your dog on is the training aid

  • Inert and highly compatible with most training aids

  • Rugged enough for daily use and training

  • Cleaned according to EPA standard methods

  • Capable of being decontaminated and deodorized of human scent or environmental odors


  • Glass or Plastic material available.

  • 3 Sizes Available*:

    • Small​

    • Medium

    • Large

  • ​*Note: Large plastic jars are currently not in stock.

  • Transparent - Allows you to keep a visual on your training aids to ensure they are not decomposing or crystallizing


  • Comprised of a gas-tight chemical-resistant gasket, hydrophobic and oleophobic membrane, and a custom polypropylene membrane holder with a safety grid to prevent membrane puncture.

  • Safely contains liquids, oils, solids, small particulate, and hazmat



  • Comprised of a gas-tight chemical-resistant polypropylene lid.

Comparison of the TADD to Current Training Aid Containment

TADD Photos

*All materials pass the NASA low outgassing test (ASTM E595). Developed by NASA to screen low outgassing materials for use in spacecraft, the test determines the volatile content of material samples placed in a heated vacuum chamber. If the collected volatile condensable materials (CVCM) is < 0.1 % and total mass lost (TML) is <1 %, then the material passes the NASA criteria for low-outgassing.



Recent feedback from the field has made us aware of the following potential issues that we would like to disclose and share with our end-users:

  1. Nosework essential oils (birch, anise, and clove) are incompatible with the TADD gaskets. These oils are highly reactive and have very specific packaging/containment requirements. We are investigating this issue in the laboratory and experimenting with an alternative gasket material. HOWEVER, the TADDs are fully compatible with the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW) style essential oil odor absorption method, using 100% cotton swabs, cut in half and scented with one of the three essential oils: Birch, Anise, and Clove.

  2. The plastic TADD jars can become deformed in extreme temperatures (e.g. >150F/65C). These temperatures can be reached inside vehicles during hot days. We recommend keeping your TADDs out of the heat. We are exploring other jar types that may have better temperature tolerances while also meeting our strict low out-gassing requirements. 

  3. During water submersion hides, at some depth beyond 9 feet (2.75 meters), the TADD membrane may become compromised and slip off of the gasket into the TADD jar due to hydrostatic pressure. We are experimenting with different methods of submerging TADDs beyond those depths while maintaining the TADD's seal.

  4. Some of the metallized odor barrier bag (SKU: MOBB) seals have been ripping after repeated use. We are exploring using other brands, sources, and seal technologies of MOBBs and will update our product list if/when we find a superior offering. 





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We are here to answer all of your questions, custom develop a TADD kit specific for your odors and operational needs, and create affordable solutions incorporating good, better, best practices. 

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Who is using the TADD and What are they putting in it? 

  • LEO: explosives, narcotics

  • SAR/HRD: human remains, blood, bone

  • Conservation: scat, bedding, fur, bats

  • Pest: bed bugs, scat, eggs

  • Medical: clinical samples, COVID-19 patient samples, biopsy tissue

  • Arson/Fire Inspection: accelerants

  • K9 Vendors & Trainers: ScentLogix, Precision Explosives training aids

  • Specialty Trainers: Human scent samples

Where can I use my TADD?

Let your imagination run wild! We and our incredibly creative customers have buried the TADD in sand, soil, and rubble piles. They have submerged the TADD in lakes, rivers, and toilet tanks. And, of course, they've performed all of the traditional operational hides in vehicles, warehouses, luggage, cargo, buildings, open areas, and medical settings

Can't bring your actual training aid into your operational environment? Use the Whatman Filter Paper!

Worried about your TADD getting damaged? Use the Stainless Steel Scent Can!

Need to extend the range of your hide locations high up or low down? Use the Hook Magnet and Disc Magnet with the Stainless Steel Scent Cans!

Want to vary the amount of odor coming off of your training aids? Use the Odor Restriction Cap Set to help decrease your dogs limit of detection (LoD). 

Have an extremely stinky training aid and concerned about it contaminating your other training aids? Combine the TADD with a Metallized Odor Barrier Bag as secondary containment to ensure you preserve the integrity of your training aids. 

No matter what your concerns are, the TADD system by SciK9 can address them using scientifically sound methods designed to incorporate best practices and treat your canine's olfactory system with the respect it deserves.



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